We are under construction, our old garage is torn down and in its place will be a new garage (one that the van and truck can fit in), new master bedroom, walk in closet and bath.  And Suncliffe will have a real six run kennel with in/out runs and radiant heated floors.  (click on the pictures to view full size)  Use back button to return to page.


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Big Dig 5/9/01
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Ray's Big Toy
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Suncliffe Room
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Pawprint is now in :0]
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Front Wall      Back Wall
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wall.jpg (157985 bytes)  
  Forms are off and ready for backfilling 5/17/01 formsoffgarage.jpg (128405 bytes) formsoff.jpg (127498 bytes)
Mvc-015s.jpg (77123 bytes) Mvc-016s.jpg (75619 bytes)  Backfilling is done.   5/18/01  

Let the building begin......Page 2

Page 3 Closing in the Structure

Page 4 Suncliffe Room finished

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